Disc golf for me at a young age was a way to connect with my uncle Jamie, For us it was all about hitting the trash can. We would play right here in San Diego at Lucky Walker Park in South Bay. I have to admit I didn’t care for the game that much at first, because I couldn’t figure out how to keep the disc level or pull back far enough. So as many players do, I lost interest and  that was it for me for a few years until I moved out in the summer of ‘06. When out of the blue a friend of mine stayed the week with me and said to me “hey dude wanna go frolfing?”

I didn’t realize at the time he was referring to disc golf. I asked him where was frolf played, he said at Morley Field disc golf course and its only a short walk through the park. I had no idea that when I first stepped foot on the course, that  I wasn’t going to ever leave! At first I felt like I had an edge against my friends because I had played as a child, but again I was wrong. I still couldn’t keep a disc flat and still couldn’t pull back very far. Playing disc golf that first time again was so much fun and  I knew I wanted to get better, but I didn’t know how. Not knowing anyone, I turned to the internet where I saw some great advice from top players to improve your game, but couldn’t find any beginner training. Most info isn’t aimed at the everyday disc golfer, but the more seasoned players out there. My next decision was to put in so much time and energy that I would become great in no time. Practice Practice Practice, and then practice some more if you truly want to be great at something.

Then a year passed, then another. I was a better but still not a great player. I had experiance but lacked proper technique, That’s when I got a job at the Morley field Disc Golf course and was introduced to Disc Golf Hall of Fame member and multiple-time frisbee champion Snapper Pierson. This guy was Amazing, and all I knew was I wanted to play just like he did. Smooth, accurate, effortlessly snagging birdies from every direction. The guy just never missed, he had put in the time and it showed!I played golf with him and he cool whipped me for years before I ever could compete with him.

After playing disc golf with snap for many years and getting the crap kicked out of me, my game was really starting to come around.When we were playing he really made me feel as though I could compete with anyone in the world.Playing with snap helped show me a whole new world of disc golf, where every shot was running a birdie(duece or die), as well as drilling the basics, and course managment in to my game. After  years of playing at a higher level, as well as playing disc golf with higher calibure of players was when disc golf became not just a game I played for fun, but a game I loved.  I love to teach and have the desire to make anyone better, along with many years of pro shop and tournament experience.

Here at discovering disc golf our goal is to make you a better more confident disc golfer and make disc golf fun for everyone.

Recent Tournaments:
- 2012 Southwestern Team Tournament Invitational. San Diego, CA – #1 Player Seed / San Diego Aces
- 2011 SoCal Disc Golf Championships. La Mirada DGC – First Place
- 2011 Memorial Championship. Fountain Hills, AZ – First Place
- 2011 Southwestern Team Tournament Invitational. San Diego, CA – #1 Player Seed / Rocky Mtn. Team -
- 2011 Amateur National Championship. Toboggan DGC, Milford, MI – Fourth Place
- 2011 Green Valley Open. Yucaipa, CA – - First Place

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